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Supply Chain and Strategic Expanse

Medici Firma expanding focuses on the supply chain. Our focus enables us to choose the best companies in different niches across the supply chain.
Accelerated Technology Solutions

Medici Firma Supply-Chain Expanse Solutions recognize the global economy is experiencing supply chain stresses that structurally impact a broad spectrum of products and services critical to commercial and governmental sectors.

Our Supply Chain and Strategic Opportunities platform draws on Medici Firma?s integrated investment and operating expertise to advance companies and capabilities across supply chains, from technology to commodities to manufacturing and services.


World is facing a global transformation shockwave.

With dedicated funding and expertise across investment lifecycles, we invest in enterprising businesses that harness next-generation technologies, advance supply chain integrity, and strive to achieve commensurate growth and returns. We provide investment and operating resources to a diverse array of companies across funding rounds and stages – mature, growth, or early stage through our venture capital platform, Cidex Firma ON Ventures, which focuses on deep tech and pioneering advancements.

Our cohesive team includes policy experts, technologists, investment professionals, and operating executives. We partner with entrepreneurs and management teams to drive innovation, promote resilient infrastructure, and increase security for the United States and partner nations.

Technology Hardware & Software 0%
Aerospace & Space 0%
Transportation & Logistics 0%
Manufacturing & Agriculture 0%

Medici Firma Technology Strategy and Advisory practice designs and executes industry-relevant reinventions that allow organizations to realize exceptional business value from technology.

Medici Firma Investments focus on the following spaces:

  • Semiconductors and Microelectronics
  • 5G, loT, and Edge Compute
  • Autonomy and Transportation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Next-Gen Compute Platforms and Web 3.0
  • Cybersecurity
  • Electrification, Rare Earths, and Minerals
  • Aerospace and Defense Modernization
  • Biotech and Public Health Preparedness

Proprietary Operating Capabilities

Our investment partners leverage the full strength of Medici Firma global platform, including our proprietary operating capabilities in Medici Firma Operations Enhancement Practice and Accelerated Technology Solutionsions. With operating executives and functional experts around the world, our industry-leading operations platforms provide support, expertise, and guidance to help business leaders achieve their strategic vision and growth objectives.

In God we trust; all others bring data. - W. Edwards Deming

Medici Firma Capabilities.

Our team works with an extensive global network of industry leaders that includes technology, policy, and security leaders from the public and private sectors. Our global network brings an in-depth understanding of next-generation supply chains, along with relevant experience in navigating both commercial and government markets.


Cloud acceleration

Use the cloud to re-imagine technology delivery, business models and revenue streams.


Data-driven enterprise

Unlock the value of data, architecture, and AI to drive business agility and transformation to a real-time enterprise.


Tech ROI

Identify, quantify, maximize and sustain value realization from technology investments.


Network and connectivity services

Design, build and operate modern connectivity solutions, exploiting cloud and AI, including 5G and fiber.


Resilient modern architecture

Exploit technology and modern architectures as critical enablers of business growth.


Intelligent operating model and innovation

Create intelligent operating models to transform performance and build the foundation for agility and growth.

Citdex Ventures

Citdex is a global multi-strategy applied venture Investment firm inexorably focused on innovative technologies and funds.
An impact forward-driven faction building the future.


Medic Firma is focused on creating an edge for our investors and business partners by integrating proprietary operating capabilities into our global investment activities.