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Strategic Partnerships

Developing innovative, proprietary operating capabilities that can create competitive advantages.
Operational Advisory Services

Medici Firma is building value in complexity with idiosyncratic partners.

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Medici Firma Partnership Strategies partners with talented investment teams around the world. Our team combines rigorous fundamental research with a global perspective to pursue compelling investment strategies.

We have a long-term time horizon and expiable capital and work with investment teams to create collaborative partnerships.

Since its inception, Medici Firma Partnership Strategies has been funded predominantly by the Medici Firma partner group.


Medid Firma Approach

Drawing on Medici Firma’s years of alternative investment experience, we employ an analytical, data-driven, investment process to create partnerships we believe offer uncommonly attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns. We combine our long-term time horizon with our flexible capital to build lasting relationships with leading investment teams.

Often we invest in specialized or niche strategies that are complex or difficult to access. We work tenaciously to identify and screen for these unique opportunities, harnessing Medici Firma’s global resources to conduct comprehensive diligence and make reasoned investment decisions.


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Medici Firma Strategies.

We seek to build long-term partnership with talented investment teams. We have patient, long-term capital and want to collaborate to design flexible capital partnerships that are customized for a specific strategy or situation. Currently, we focus on two strategies: Partnership Strategies and Emerging Markets.

Partnership Strategies

Our Partnership Strategies effort seeks to create partnerships with investment teams looking to launch, grow, or re-capitalize their firms. We seek specialized investment strategies that we believe are capable of generating attractive returns. We are a value-added capital partner that draws on Medici Firma resources and experience in the investment industry, our prior track record of partnering with investment firms, and our teams global perspective.

Emerging Markets

Since the inception of Partnership Strategies, we have invested in emerging markets globally. We believe the long-term economic growth and modernization of emerging and frontier countries can generate compelling investment results for patient capital in these developing regions. Furthermore, given the substantial inefficiencies we observe in emerging markets, we believe active management can generate investment returns meaningfully above benchmark indices.


International Trade Exchange

International Exchange Trade Board is an organization developing democratized Stock Exchanges around the globe accessible to companies and investors with equality regardless of geography.



Medic Firma is focused on creating an edge for our investors and business partners by integrating proprietary operating capabilities into our global investment activities.