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Operational Enhancement Practice

Developing innovative, proprietary operating capabilities that can create competitive advantages.

Medici Firma Operational Enhancement Practices transforming operations strategy into a lasting success.

Now, more than ever, businesses and departments need radical change that matters. Companies that use operations to move fast and build new capabilities at scale will gain a competitive advantage.

Operational Renovation Practice sits at the intersection of strategy, technology, and transformation. We connect boardroom strategies to the frontline, infusing technology where and when it matters, and rapidly delivering lasting transformations enabled by capability building.

Medici Firma Approach.

We identify and capture growth opportunities for your organization by reallocating resources to free up capital for investment, finding new sources of competitive advantage, or fully optimizing your portfolio of products and services. Through the thoughtful application of new technologies and capabilities, we will help you build resilience and reimagine the operational value chain, defining an operating model that will sustain your organization.

Working on a global level, we apply an outstanding depth of expertise on an exceptional scale. Our experts draw upon knowledge, research, proprietary tools, and thought leadership across categories and industries.

Your business is our priority, no matter the challenge ahead. Our work anchors in your strategy, carefully understanding your organization and culture to deliver tangible results fast through practical, hands-on partnership. We focus on building your internal capabilities so that as well as unlocking new value today, you have the agility, processes, and skills you need to flourish in the future.

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Medici Firma Operational Enhancement Practice is industry-leading operations platform with global operating executives and functional experts that work across Medici Firma’ investment platforms to maximize financial and operating performance.

Strategic Operating Partners

We believe successful companies have strategic and operating priorities that go well beyond cost efficiencies and position themselves for sustainable competitive greatness.

Our executives and experts partner with management teams to get granular about the choices our businesses are making in terms of “how we play the game” versus competitors. Execution then becomes a matter of prioritization and focus, and we can provide management with a pool of ready talent who knows the company and is ready to help drive initiatives.

As strategic operating partners, we endeavor to bring closure to issues that can distract a business. We seek to remove complexity, optimize a company’s operating rhythm, and instill the discipline of “getting consequential things done” while keeping the customer’s point of view as the priority at all times.

Medici Firma Business System

The Medici Firma Business System is how we bring all of these elements together in an active operating engagement model designed to improve the performance of our portfolio investments.

Our operating teams engage directly with portfolio companies and investment professionals, leverage our Flex Network, and maintain continuity and close alignment of interests with our investors throughout the lifecycle of an investment.

Our active operating engagement model, and the way we evolve it to flex to the needs of our portfolio companies and global opportunities, is unique to the investment management industry and provides Medici Firma with a competitive edge to drive value for our investors and business partners worldwide.

Flex Network of Resources

We supplement our core practice area teams as needed with a broad network of expert advisors and retained or third-party resources to “flex” our operating capabilities to diverse business requirements.

We continuously invest in developing our robust Flex Network of leading consultants, specialist advisors, and contractors to ensure that we are leading edge across the spectrum of operational resources.

We employ rigorous staffing processes that optimize our practice areas and our Flex Network to provide the right resources at the right time in a highly efficient manner.

International Trade Exchange


International Exchange Trade Board is an organization developing democratized Stock Exchanges around the globe accessible to companies and investors with equality regardless of geography.


Medic Firma is focused on creating an edge for our investors and business partners by integrating proprietary operating capabilities into our global investment activities.