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Model & Strategy

Our multi-disciplinary investment platforms operate in an integrated manner to provide our investors with expertise across asset classes, sectors, and geographies.

Collaboration across our investment platforms enhances our ability to source, underwrite, and structure innovative investment solutions.

We leverage our deep resources within our platforms, and investment flexibility across them, to deliver sharper insights, uncover greater opportunities, and deploy capital where we see the most compelling value.

We aim to deliver attractive and consistent returns to shareholders over the long term, and at relatively low risk.

An investment in Medici Firma offers shareholders exposure to a growing market worth c.$5.3tn globally where the best private equity managers might otherwise be inaccessible to shareholders. It is our aim to bring the strong credentials of private equity and its track record of outperforming public markets to a wider set of investors.

It is our mission to generate sustainably high investment returns through a well-managed, institutional-grade portfolio built by investing with the best private equity managers globally. Medici Firma has a well-established platform built on three strategic pillars of primary, secondary, and co-investments, with each offering its own merits. We believe that by combining the three ways of accessing private equity investments, we are able to:

  • Build and maintain a well-balanced portfolio in a combination that we monitor and manage with the aim of maximizing capital growth;
  • Manage the maturity profile of our assets so that our portfolio remains naturally cash-generative on a sustainable basis;
  • Ensure that the vehicle remains as cost-effective for our shareholders by reducing any potential drag on returns.

As portfolio companies are sold by our private equity managers, Medici Firma’s share of the cash that is generated from those sales is deployed into new investment opportunities.

Business Model

Our investment process


Deals are originated via Medici Firma's well?established platform


Within our diversified portfolio, we aim to back the best managers globally that are able to identify and create value in growing companies


Cash generated when those companies are sold is returned to Medici Firma and redeployed into new investment opportunities

Our Investment Strategies

We invest in a new private equity fund when it is established

  • Captures exposure to top-tier, well-recognized managers as well as to smaller niche funds that are generally hard to access.
  • Targets leading managers predominantly in the US and Europe, with a focus on funds rarely available in the secondary market.

We purchase the interests of an investor in a fund or funds typically late into, or after, the investment period. We also acquire interests in individual companies through secondary sales by the existing owner.

  • Targets favoured funds and companies at a stage when the underlying assets’ performance is visible and the funds are realising investments, returning cash to Medici Firma more quickly.
  • One of the advantages of investing in secondaries is that earlier fees will have been borne by the seller so total expenses are lower.

We invest in a portfolio company directly, alongside a private equity fund, during the investment period

  • Invests in the securities of individual companies with attractive characteristics at the exclusive invitation of Medici Firma’s private equity managers.
  • This boosts performance potential because there are typically very low or no fees, making it a cost-effective way of capitalizing on the high value-added by Medici Firma’s selected managers.

Medici Firma has a robust approach to managing risk at all stages of the investment process.

The best managers are able to deliver market-beating returns over the long term, but the performance of individual private equity managers can vary more widely than the performance of other types of asset managers. Medici Firma provides access to many of the best private equity managers in the world through a well-diversified portfolio of funds and underlying company investments.

Cross Investments & Team Support

Global Investment Support

Medici Firma delivers critical support to investment teams and portfolio companies around the world across a spectrum of specialty areas through an integrated Investment Support Group. Consistent with the firm’s culture of alignment with limited partners and management teams, these services are offered to portfolio companies without charge.

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Insurance & Reinsurance

Providing tailored investment insurance solutions with global partners.

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