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By converging together all Its expertise in the areas of real estate, private equity,private debtasset classes that allow for diversification and long-term yield.


A leading cognoscente in joint venture & co-investment.

Our unique strength in sourcing deals derives from the access to leading sponsors we gain through Medici Firma is a world-leading multifarious platform.

Alternative Investments
Real Assets
Financial Services

Medici Firma Co-Investment Strategies.

Medici Firma bring an aligned operating style with deep principal investment and industry experience, a fast and focused decision-making process, flexibility of capital and the power of our network to every partnership.


Medici Firma has created differentiated access to co-investment opportunities leveraging our broad Medici Firma platform and acting as a true partner to our GPs in live deal processes.

Selective Approach.

Medici Firma pursues a highly selective investment approach, utilizing deep industry experience and proprietary insights from decades of principal investment experience, aiming to select the most attractive opportunities.

Flexible Solutions.

We believe the flexibility of our mandate and breadth of solutions sets us apart from other providers. We will consider investments in all sectors and geographies, and in companies of all sizes, with a particular emphasis on the small and mid-market. In all cases, we seek to partner with the highest quality lead sponsors.

Joint Venture

Broad Scope, Singular Focus.

We are passionate, independent investors united by our commitment to research-driven investment solutions and client service. We offer partners around the world investment solutions across asset classes, capitalizations, styles and geographies in both public and private markets, as well as multi-asset class solutions that bring them all together. To serve this broad base of institutions, advisors and individuals, our strategies are available through a variety of investment vehicles.


Client Segment

We believe that fostering an environment of strong internal control is vital. To this end, we have established a rigorous risk management framework that features dedicated investment and operational risk teams who work to protect client assets and our reputation.


S&P Global, NYSE, Nasdaq, & Cboe Indexes'

Medici Firma Co-Investment Platform.

We have built the success of our co-investment strategy on the strength of our longstanding partnerships?both with our investors and our GPs.


Highly Experienced Platform.

Our decades-long experience co-investing alongside GPs has resulted in a reputation as a trusted deal partner with proven execution capabilities and deep principal investment experience.


Differentiated Sourcing.

Through proactive sourcing and our strong market reputation, we are able to gain access to high-quality co-sponsor opportunities that span a wide range of market segments and geographies.


Proprietary Investment Selection.

We apply best practices based on proprietary data from all the deals we have assessed over decades. We have honed our selection process over time to focus on the best relative opportunities.


Disciplined Portfolio Construction.

We believe our disciplined approach to diversification and strict adherence to focused investment criteria give our partners access to a well-diversified portfolio of high-quality opportunities in a low-cost investment vehicle.


Medici Firma Investment

Seeking to maximize capital growth.


Medici Firma Investment

A detailed and rigorous approach to selection

Cross Investments & Team Support

Global Investment Support

Medici Firma delivers critical support to investment teams and portfolio companies around the world across a spectrum of specialty areas through an integrated Investment Support Group. Consistent with the firm’s culture of alignment with limited partners and management teams, these services are offered to portfolio companies without charge.

Ideas to Inspire. Insights to Accelerate.

Our perspectives on all things technology, investing, operations, and company culture.

Medici Firma August 4, 2021

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World Convergence Support

Equality for Generations.


International Exchange Trade

Democratizing Global Capital Markets for Companies and Investors.


International Monetary & Financial Development Association

Next Generation Intelligent Monetary System

Insurance & Reinsurance

Providing tailored investment insurance solutions with global partners.

Developing and Structuring Insurance Investment Solutions