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Investment Process

Our multi-disciplinary investment platforms operate in an integrated manner to provide our investors with expertise across asset classes, sectors, and geographies.

Collaboration across our investment platforms enhances our ability to source, underwrite, and structure innovative investment solutions.

We leverage our deep resources within our platforms, and investment flexibility across them, to deliver sharper insights, uncover greater opportunities, and deploy capital where we see the most compelling value.

Anatomy of our investment process: ESG integration in action

Integrating ESG data, analysis, and action helps us drive value across four major components of our equity investment process.

Source & Screen

Source and screen

  • Preliminary review of fund information
  • Face to face meeting with the manager
  • Review and discussion by the investment team
  • Agree on process and staffing

Reasons to decline

  • GP franchise or governance weakness
  • Investment strategy drift
  • Insufficient team depth and quality
  • Misalignment of carried interest, fee structure, and compensation & incentives

Preliminary Diligence

Preliminary diligence

  • Review of fund due diligence information
  • Follow-on meetings with manager and team
  • Review and discussion by the investment team
  • Advance notice is given and discussion with regional and global investment committees

Reasons to decline

  • Portfolio performance issues
  • Questionable GP value-add
  • Fund legal structuring issues
  • Team capabilities or commitment levels
  • Unfavourable references
  • ESG or compliance concerns

Detailed Diligence

Detailed diligence

  • Assess and model company financials
  • Reference calls
  • Legal, compliance and ESG reviews
  • Conduct portfolio company meetings
  • Investment recommendation
  • Regional and global investment committee approval

Reasons to decline

  • Portfolio performance issues
  • Questionable GP value-add
  • Fund legal structuring issues
  • Team capabilities or commitment levels
  • Unfavourable references
  • ESG or compliance concerns



  • Complete initial subscription documentation process
  • Secure approval of Pantheon Fund GP / manager
  • Finalise subscription documentation
  • Transfer subscription documentation
  • Correspondence with GP

Reason to decline

  • Legal issues or structuring issues

Medici Firma has a robust approach to managing risk at all stages of the investment process.

The best managers are able to deliver market-beating returns over the long term, but the performance of individual private equity managers can vary more widely than the performance of other types of asset managers. Medici Firma provides access to many of the best private equity managers in the world through a well-diversified portfolio of funds and underlying company investments.

Cross Investments & Team Support

Global Investment Support

Medici Firma delivers critical support to investment teams and portfolio companies around the world across a spectrum of specialty areas through an integrated Investment Support Group. Consistent with the firm’s culture of alignment with limited partners and management teams, these services are offered to portfolio companies without charge.

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