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Gain insight into the true nature of your investment returns.

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Generate secondary revenue stream and mitigate risk.

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insurance investment solutions

We recognize that the investment and regulatory landscape can change rapidly. With our global reach, deep resources, and extensive expertise, we look to transform investment ideas into practical answers to the challenges insurers face – or the opportunities they wish to capture. 


Broad Scope, Singular Focus.

We are passionate, independent investors united by our commitment to research-driven investment solutions and client service. We offer partners around the world investment solutions across asset classes, capitalizations, styles and geographies in both public and private markets, as well as multi-asset class solutions that bring them all together. To serve this broad base of institutions, advisors and individuals, our strategies are available through a variety of investment vehicles.


  • Asia Pacific
  • The Americas
  • Europe / Middle East

Client Segment

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Institutional
  • Intermediary

We believe that fostering an environment of strong internal control is vital. To this end, we have established a rigorous risk management framework that features dedicated investment and operational risk teams who work to protect client assets and our reputation.

Medici Firma Insurance Solutions Platform.

We provide access to a range of strategies and asset classes that target to help enhance the risk-adjusted return on a portfolio. Plus we provide a complete service to meet reporting and fiduciary requirements, including complete investment outsourcing where required.



Strategies that offer diversification and capital efficiency



Cash flow and liability management solutions - interest rate, inflation, guarantee and hedging strategies, etc.



Multi-asset structuring and bespoke solutions that are regulatory friendly.


Liquidity Deployment

Develop and deploy investment strategies aligned to their own regulatory requirements.


Medici Firma Investment

Seeking to maximize capital growth.


Medici Firma Investment

A detailed and rigorous approach to selection

Cross Investments & Team Support

Global Investment Support

Medici Firma delivers critical support to investment teams and portfolio companies around the world across a spectrum of specialty areas through an integrated Investment Support Group. Consistent with the firm’s culture of alignment with limited partners and management teams, these services are offered to portfolio companies without charge.

Ideas to Inspire. Insights to Accelerate.

Our perspectives on all things technology, investing, operations, and company culture.

Medici Firma August 4, 2021

Change in Capital Treatment for Insurer Investments in “Principal Protected Securities”

On May 14, 2020, the Valuation of Securities (E) Task Force (VOS Task Force)

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Medici Firma July 29, 2021

The digital Yuan, digital Euro, and the Diem: Key issues for public debate

As momentum grows globally for the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), it

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Medici Firma July 28, 2021

The SPAC Bubble Is Not Bursting Anytime Soon

The rapid proliferation of SPACs — blank check companies raising funds through IPOs in

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Medici Firma May 18, 2021

Financial Engineering Can Advance Corporate Strategy

Financial Engineering Financial Engineering Can Advance Corporate Strategy Leaders of successful businesses build long-term

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World Convergence Support

Equality for Generations.


International Exchange Trade

Democratizing Global Capital Markets for Companies and Investors.


International Monetary & Financial Development Association

Next Generation Intelligent Monetary System

Infrastructure Consortium

Inter Development Infrastructure Fund.

Innovation is key to increase the operational efficiency of the infrastructure itself, but it also enables to improve its environmental and societal impact.

NOTE: The individuals engaged in marketing the Medici Firma Partnership (“the Partnership”) do not have insurance licenses and cannot sell, solicit or negotiate insurance products. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase the insurance products described herein.  An offering of the Partnership is made only by delivery of the Limited Partnership Agreement. An investor should carefully read the Limited Partnership Agreement which contains important risks and limitations before investing.

For professional investors only – Not for use by retail investors or advisers. All services and products are offered through appropriate third parties in limited jurisdictions.