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We invest in infrastructure assets across thetransportof vital economic assets for the communities.


Global independent infrastructure fund.

Investing in core and core-plus infrastructure opportunities, predominantly in the OECD countries.

Alternative Investments
Real Assets
Financial Services

Inter Development Infrastructure Fund Platform.

Medici Firma Infrastructure owns and operates the essential assets on which modern economies rely.



We target high quality transportation networks such as toll roads, airports and rail-lines.


Energy & Renewables

We are a major player and active in the full energy supply chain with strong commitment to sustainable energy.



We target the entire range of telecom infrastructure including mobile and fiber networks, cell tower and data centers.


Social Infrastructure

Our social infrastructure investments include hospitals and water treatment assets.

Medici Firma Open-ended Investment Structure

Our infrastructure funds are open-ended. This allows long-term liabilities to be exposed to long-term investments. Benefits of an open-ended structure include:

Long-Term Approach

We are not required to divest investments at a pre-determined point in time; we can own assets for the long term.

Existing Portfolio

Investors access a known portfolio of core investments diversified by geography and sub-sector.

Preferred Partner

Governments, regulators, and strategic operators recognize that we are a patient, responsible investor.

Embedded Opportunities

Existing investments and established relationships can be valuable sources of proprietary deal flow.

Energy & Renewables
Social Infrastructure

Broad Scope, Singular Focus.

We are passionate, independent investors united by our commitment to research-driven investment solutions and client service. We offer partners around the world investment solutions across asset classes, capitalizations, styles and geographies in both public and private markets, as well as multi-asset class solutions that bring them all together. To serve this broad base of institutions, advisors and individuals, our strategies are available through a variety of investment vehicles.


Client Segment

We believe that fostering an environment of strong internal control is vital. To this end, we have established a rigorous risk management framework that features dedicated investment and operational risk teams who work to protect client assets and our reputation.


S&P Global Infrastructure Index


Core infrastructure,
developed markets.

Core infrastructure in developed markets offers portfolio diversification along with stable cash yields and protection from inflation. As such, we target investments with reliable revenue streams that have a link to inflation and/or participate in economic growth, and focus on countries with established regulatory environments and strong rule-of-law.


Experience in the complete end-to-end spectrum of infrastructure
development, structuring and funding.

A strong market profile and extensive networks provide us with robust access to deal flow.

Cross Investments & Team Support

Global Investment Support

Medici Firma delivers critical support to investment teams and portfolio companies around the world across a spectrum of specialty areas through an integrated Investment Support Group. Consistent with the firm’s culture of alignment with limited partners and management teams, these services are offered to portfolio companies without charge.

Ideas to Inspire. Insights to Accelerate.

Our perspectives on all things technology, investing, operations, and company culture.

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World Convergence Support

Equality for Generations.


International Exchange Trade

Democratizing Global Capital Markets for Companies and Investors.


International Monetary & Financial Development Association

Next Generation Intelligent Monetary System

Technology Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Services: Consulting, Development, Implementation, Management.

Attaining growth amid unprecedented disruption in software, hardware, network, and applications.

2023-24 Update: Medici Firma Infrastructure exclusively target sovereign sponsored infrastructure investments which are compliant with miga guidelines.