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Government Programs Support

Developing innovative, proprietary operating capabilities that can create competitive advantages.

Medici Firma supports the development of legislation of smart immigration & healthcare programs, military hardware & software acquisitions to developing technology and vocational economic growth programs.

A Global Perspective for Governments.

Providing geopolitical context to government ministries, embassies, consulates, and supporting agencies to inform their foreign policy decisions.


Supporting the development of healthcare social policy initiatives to implementing full healthcare infrastructure on local to national levels.


Enabling educational institutions to remain competitive and enrich course content by empowering students with geopolitical tools and libraries with electronic resources.

Program Development 0%
Program Implementation 0%

Aerospace & Defense

Supporting aerospace and defense professionals with forecasting capabilities to validate strategies and plan for contingencies.


Helping financial entities better understand global developments to make informed decisions and identify valuable opportunities that may be contrary to impulsive market behaviors.

Program Development 0%
Program Development 0%


International Trade Exchange

International Exchange Trade Board is an organization developing democratized Stock Exchanges around the globe accessible to companies and investors with equality regardless of geography.


Medic Firma is focused on creating an edge for our investors and business partners by integrating proprietary operating capabilities into our global investment activities.