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Medici Firma develops the most complex financial structures and tailores it to applied verticle.

Model development and validation

We excel at and enjoy developing and validating highly complex financial models, including benchmark and challenger models.


Risk management analytics and reporting

We provide our clients with comprehensive risk management reports and analytical tools to assist in identifying and quantifying risk concentrations.

Stress-testing and regulatory compliance support

We support financial institutions with services to prudently operate their business and advise government entities on program evaluations.

Financial Engineering 0%
Jurisdictional Modeling 0%

We developed a robust model validation process to help you meet regulatory requirements as well as offer constructive recommendations to model owners and deploy them.

Model development & validation

  • Develop customized industry best practice analytical models and user-friendly automated reporting systems to enhance, replace, or cross-validate existing valuation, hedging, and risk management models and systems
  • Estimate the most efficient behavioral models for credit and market events and subsequent financial impacts, such as loss mitigation benefits
  • Conduct model validation analysis against industry best practice benchmarks
  • Assist clients in developing and implementing Basel II risk-based capital solutions
  • Create models and systems to improve business forecasting and profitability factor analysis
  • Assist clients with review and implementation of the latest tools available to improve trading, portfolio management, and business processes