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Corporate & Industry Support

Medici Firma proprietary methodology is our framework to predict 
the shifts in geopolitical power that shape our world.
Operational Advisory Services

Medici Firma a Leading Geopolitical Investments Intelligence Platform.

The forces at work are larger than any single country or company, they have become strategic geopolitical trends that cannot be captured by economic research and due diligence. Intelligent forecasting that will help you anticipate major events, in order to hedge against or benefit from emerging global and regional risks.

The world is exceptionally complex and interconnected, but it does not have to be difficult to understand. Medici Firma?s proprietary methodology is our framework for identifying and forecasting the key global trends that shape the international system and help our readers make sense of an increasingly complicated world.


Navigating geo-investments and access.

Geopolitics has never been more meaningful to the way that markets, sectors, and companies perform. As leaders face critical decisions about how to grow businesses, cut costs, define future investment allocations, and leave or enter markets, geopolitics and the business environment are wild cards that can make or break a strategy. Often those decisions require deep expertise that in-house teams cannot build fast enough—or an external, independent perspective that can pinpoint overlooked risks and opportunities.

Focusing on in-depth engagements and leveraging dedicated project teams, Medici Firma supports our clients to address a range of challenges at the intersection of politics and business, including:

Strategy development and planning
Future trends and foresight:
Deal support
Risk management and awareness

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New Markets Preparation

Successful market entry requires a cohesive understanding between cross-functional departments responsible for implementing corporate strategy.

We Prepare & Synchronize Your:

Business Strategy
Marketing / Branding
Financial Statement Review
Logistics & Manufacturing Processes
HR & Recruiting
Government Affairs

Overseas Business Set-Up

Your multinational strategy starts here. Medici Firma works with more than 100 partners and overseas consultants to ensure your business is set up in new markets. We understand accelerated time-frames and help you build your local presence to be competitive and ready-to scale.

Risk & Crisis Management

Foreign markets pose unique risks to businesses and executives with no prior experience in that market. We can help you identify the risks and develop frameworks to mitigate or capitalize on risk & crisis situations. Cultural differences, local stakeholders, political interests, public sentiment, and industry shifts can all pose unexpected complications. Medici Firma helps you understand the likelihood and severity of future risks and work through current crisis events.

Building Strategy Partnerships

We leverage our firm?s entire resources to source, vet, and introduce appropriate strategic partners that can be your firm?s steady partner in a foreign market.


International Trade Exchange

International Exchange Trade Board is an organization developing democratized Stock Exchanges around the globe accessible to companies and investors with equality regardless of geography.



Medic Firma is focused on creating an edge for our investors and business partners by integrating proprietary operating capabilities into our global investment activities.