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About Medici Firma Real Estate

Medici Firma is a global leader in delivering innovative, customized solutions to complex real estate and real estate-related assets.

Medici Firma is an innovative and disciplined investment manager – its affiliated funds have a proven track record of success throughout multiple market cycles.

Medici Firma Real Estate has one of the world’s leading real estate investment and lending platforms. Active across the globe, Medici Firma Real Estate’s comprehensive expertise and significant capital resources enable it to create customized approaches to unlock value in any market.

The Firm’s real estate professionals have a focused risk management philosophy and are able to leverage a global, multi-disciplined organization. Their experience spans highly structured and complicated capital structures, sponsorship/management turnaround issues, divestitures and bankruptcies.

Medici Firma  Real Estate takes a flexible approach and is capable of providing debt and equity financing options across all levels of an organization’s capital structure.

With decades of experience, Medici Firma Real Estate professionals are seasoned experts in sourcing, analyzing, structuring and monetizing real estate investments in distressed debt, high-yielding senior loans, direct equity and hybrid investments, among others.

Medici Firma Real Estate has a broad mandate and can provide capital:

  • Across all types of real estate businesses and properties
  • In any sector or industry
  • Across the entire capital structure
  • To both public and private entities
  • Anywhere in the world

Medici Firma Real Estate professionals invest in distressed and complex real estate-related situations throughout the world. The Firm applies a flexible, disciplined approach designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns throughout multiple economic cycles.

Medici Firma focuses on intrinsic value by seeking out transactions that can be acquired at a discount to market value. The Firm’s real estate professionals are renowned for their use of debt transactions that offer downside protection, mitigate risk and align the interests of participating parties.

Medici Firma’s team of real estate experts seeks investment opportunities created by inefficient capital structures, event-driven distress and asset-level difficulties. Each of these opportunities is evaluated based on the underlying value of the real estate asset and the risks associated with correcting the situation to unlock value.

Areas of investment for Medici Firma Real Estate include:

  • Individual distressed bank loans secured by property
  • North America. and European non-performing loan pools
  • Distressed securities including CMBS and RMBS
  • Gap capital for asset recapitalizations, rescue financing and joint ventures with financial sponsors and financial institutions requiring additional funds or capital
  • Distressed real estate assets foreclosed on by lenders
  • Monetizing corporate real estate in banks and other companies that need liquidity
Medici Firma Real Estate (MFRE) The Platform for institutional real estate transactions.


Medici Firma reviews all transactions within 30 days of fully submitting all data

Due Diligence

Medici Firma utilizes internal and external resources to conduct satisfactory due diligence to the investment committee.


We structure all our investments internally.


Medici firma Invests direct and through special purpose vehicles.
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